About The Artist

Hi! I’m Allison. Thanks for stopping by.

This project began simply as a search for inspiration. I was recently widowed, and as I began to focus on the next chapter of my life as a single woman, I found strength and empowerment in the stories of trailblazing women through history. I began to paint their portraits and share their stories with my six year old daughter, who already loves learning about them as much as I remember doing as a girl. Many of these are women I admired from an early age, many of them are new to me. This has been educational and inspiring journey so far, and I’d like to share it with you. As we listen to their voices, we are reminded of our heritage as women and girls: passionate, courageous, determined, innovative, intelligent, creative, caring, fierce.


To see more of my painting work, please visit www.allisonadams.net      

For my personal blog about our family's journey, visit www.sansoxygen.com

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